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General Auction - Thursday 15th June 2021 10am

A great selection this week, a cool Suzuki A100 as found condition, marble dining table and chairs, lots of great collectibles, whiteware, furniture and heaps of tools, some great beds and much more..

View Day - Wednesday 8.30am-6pm 

Auction Day - Thursday 10am (Open from 8.30am) 408 St Aubyn St East, Parkvale, Hastings.

Absent bids - 06 870 4744 

Email - (no emails after 8.30am Thursday, please call instead) 

Address - 408 St Aubyn Street East (Opposite Flip Out)

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Phone 06-8704744

408 St Aubyn Street East, Parkvale, Hastings 

Hawke's Bay 4122 

(Opposite Flip Out)